IVF Consultation #1

June 18th , 2012:

We met with Dr. K today. He is an Reproductive Endocrinologist at HRC Fertility in Pasadena. My surgeon who performed my surgery had given us a voucher to meet with him. It was for a complimentary consultation (a $300 value). We are so thankful that we are able to meet with Dr. K, get some answers, see what this IVF road looks like, and see if it’s even the road we want to take. Plus, it will be nice not to have to dish out $300 big ones, especially since we are no where near being ready to take the first steps.

Dr. K was great. He was kind and informative. Although, I felt so unprepared for the appointment. Even though I have done a ton of research online, there is so much information out there regarding IVF and I sort of  froze during the appointment. I was just trying to take in and process everything he was saying and trying to line it up with everything I had learned so far. It was a bit overwhelming, to say the least! I did however mange to ask their success rate. He said based on our age and that it is considered a “tubal” factor, that our chances are really good. He gave us a 70% chance of success. Dr. K shared that the toughest cases are where a couple has all their tests come back normal and they just can’t pinpoint the cause for infertility. He said the good news it that we know exactly the reason for infertility struggles in our case. My tubes are damaged, therefore, egg and his swimmers just can’t meet. He said it was also good news that we have both successfully had children before, and even better news that we’ve indeed been pregnant together before (3 times – even though they ended in miscarriages, apparently they count these).

Dr. K went through the detailed steps of IVF (I thought we were getting the birds and the bees talk all over again) and then performed an ultrasound. He immediately saw my left dilated tube, and although it wasn’t as large as the 10 cm it was previously, it was still quite dilated  He said that before moving forward with IVF, it was recommended that I get that tube removed. If it was left in place, it could cause lots of problems for fertility treatments, me, and for a developing fetus. He was pretty sure that the tube was the cause of the multiple miscarriages (toxic fluid can leak into the uterus) and would continue to cause problems in the future. He said the last thing you want to happen is to spend thousands of dollars on IVF, only to have it end in a miscarriage  Although I completely agree, this is some devastating news to swallow. Although my surgeon had prepared me for this news, it was as if I was being slugged in the stomach when Dr. K suggested it. I was going to have to get my only remaining tube removed, technically make myself sterile, in hopes to have a baby. It seems so backwards. So hard to wrap my head around. But I know that if we want a baby, it’s the only way.


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