2 Week Post Op Appointment

August 15th, 2012

I met with Dr. Adams, my OBGYN and surgeon for my post-op appointment today. I was really looking forward to this appointment because I don’t remember a thing that she said to me in the recovery room. All I remember her saying is, “You probably won’t remember a thing I say to you right now.” She was right! Mr. B let me know how the procedure had gone and the things she had told him after surgery, but I guess I really needed to hear it from her.

She said the surgery could not have gone better. Textbook she said. The entire procedure only took her about 10 minutes and she was able to get in and out without any complications. She also said that she was able to steer clear of my ovaries and not even come near them. This is such a relief. One of my biggest fears before going into surgery was what if something went wrong and she had to take one or both of my ovaries. We could conceive a baby that’s genetically ours through IVF without tubes, but with 1 or 0 ovaries, not so much. And of course, as they are going through all the surgery “what if’s” with you, this was one of the things that frightened me the most. She made it clear that the plan was to steer clear of the ovaries altogether, but since they share a partial blood supply with my tubes, if there was a complication, the number one priority would be to stop the bleeding and save my life, no matter what the cost. Thank God that things went as planned and my ovaries are well and intact :-). Definitely something to celebrate.

It was a fairly short visit, she went over the surgery details, looked at my incisions, which were healing nicely, and sent me on my way. I will see her in 4 weeks for a 6 week post op appointment where she will hopefully put in the orders for all the lab work I need done prior to starting IVF.


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