IVF Consultation #2

September 10th 2012:

Today we met with a second Reproductive Endocrinologist in San Diego. Although we like Dr. K in Pasadena, we felt as though we should, not really get a second opinion (since IVF is our only option), but meet with more than 1 person. We are going to be spending so much money and so much time with the clinic we choose, we just want to be sure we are making the right decision. At between $250-$300 for a consultation, I did a ton of research before we picked the second RE we would meet with. We chose Dr. G at SDSU La Jolla because I have been lurking around quite a few fertility boards lately (you know, trying to learn the lingo and all) and he came highly talked about and recommended on more than a couple of the forums that I’ve been reading. Plus, he has great stats! Dr. K gave us a 70% success rate, however, when I went home and actually pulled up and researched HRC Pasadena’s actual success rates, they were 60%. A whole 10% lower than he quoted us. Not sure if he was sugar coating the success, or if he really thought we had a higher chance than their average based on our situation…I have to make note to ask him about that. Dr. G’s office had a 70% success rate on the books. Cut and dry, no embellishment, no stretched truth. It was there, in black and white. I also heard that he was very thorough and ran a friendly and professional office. Plus, he had gone to all these high ranked schools and had studies in many countries. His resume was quite impressive.

The appointment went well. The office is about 30 min closer than Pasadena so it was quicker to get to. Although, I wouldn’t say it was easier to get to. He is located at Scripps La Jolla Hospital, so you have to park in this huge multi-level parking structure and walk through the whole structure to take an elevator to the 8th floor. Plus, parking cost us $4. These were all things I was trying to take in to account and compare with our visit to HRC, where there was easy parking on site, within 10 ft of the front door, and no parking fee. After we finally made it into the clinic, things went quickly and smoothly. Dr G came out to meet us personally and walk us back to his office. He had asked for my medical file with surgery reports, labs, appointments, etc. before hand…and I could tell he had already studied the materials. We didn’t have to go through the history chit-chat, he had done his homework on us and he already knew. That was refreshing! He did ask us some additional questions and we did the same to him. However, the list I brought with about 20 questions on it, I hardly got a chance to ask him because he covered them all, every single one, before I got a chance. I could tell he knew what we would want to know and offered up that information before we even got a chance to ask. He definitely was in control of the consultation and made me feel at ease with this knowledge of us and the entire process.

He also performed an ultrasound. He really took his time and took detailed notes about what he saw on the monitor. He noted that my right ovary had 8 follicles and my left had 2. He was a little concerned about the low number on my left and said that although it is totally normal to have a discrepancy in numbers between ovaries, that 2 was a little low for my age. He said he would have expected more. Because of this he wanted to run a couple additional tests (over and above the normal protocol) to make sure everything with my Ovarian reserve looked okay. Other than that, he said everything looked good and he saw no reason as to why we wouldn’t be excellent candidates for IVF. We left there feeling comfortable and confident, yet confused at the same time. I am so thankful that God put us in front of 2 great and skilled doctors…how are we ever going to choose?


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