Pros & Cons

September 11th, 2012

And because I’m a total list-maker…here is what has been going through my head these past few days…

Pros of UCSD:

  • Clinic is only about an hour away and easy to get to.
  • Staff was friendly and office was beautiful.
  • Close to our friend’s home, so if I ever needed to stay out there for a night because of an early morning test or check-up, I’m sure they’s let me crash in their guest room.
  • Dr. G has a ton of experience with awards and diplomas covering an entire wall in his office. It was quite impressive.
  • Dr. G asked for medical records weeks before my consultation. He wanted surgery reports, doctors visits, labs, anything I could get so that he could study our story. I could tell the moment we walked in that he had done his homework. He knew all about us, our struggles, and had a gameplan even before we stepped foot in his office.
  • Dr. G was totally in control of the consultation. I had brought a list of questions that I wanted to ask him and he covered every single one before I even had a chance to ask. He knew what we wanted / needed to know and shared that info without hesitation.
  • Success Rate is 70% for this clinic. Almost an entire 10% higher than any other fertility clinic around.
  • They have a multi-cycle package, 3 fresh & 3 frozen cycles. And if you get pregnant the first time, you get refunded 70% of the remaining total.
  • Doctor G is very thorough. He spent a ton of time performing my ultrasound and taking notes on everything he saw.

Cons of UCSD:

  • We had to park in a huge parking structure, walk a whole lot to get to the hospital, and then take an elevator to the 8th floor. It is a huge hospital, so it had the size and traffic of one. It took almost 15 minutes to actually park and make it to the office.
  • Parking cost $4, with a redemption stamp that the clinic puts on your parking pass for $1. So total cost for parking = $3
  • I didn’t see a single baby during our visit to their clinic. Off day? Maybe. Off time of appt? Maybe. Sign? Maybe.
  • Although Dr G was thorough. I almost felt as they he could be a little too thorough and was a bit too test happy. Along with all the basic bloodwork screening tests, he also wanted us to have all these other tests done. A biopsy of my uterus to check the lining, just to name one. There were others too, the list was long and I don’t even remember what half of them were for. All I see is lots of $$$ when I look at that list.
  • Dr. G wanted me to come in for my consultation 2 weeks after surgery. I let him know that I was uncomfortable coming in so soon after my surgery, especially knowing they would be performing an ultrasound, and wanted to give myself the proper time to heal. He reassured me that an ultrasound 2 weeks out was fine and he could even prescribe antibiotics in case of infection. This made me a bit uncomfortable. Maybe a little drug happy too?
  • UCSD looks as though it will be about $3,000 more than HRC. It’s really hard to know for sure since there are many un-knows until we are actually receiving treatment, but based on the line item cost sheet, they were more expensive in every single area.

Pros of HRC:

  • Clinic was easy to get to. They are located in their own building so parking was right outside their clinic and there was no parking fee.
  • Dr. Adams, my surgeon and OBGYN recommended Dr. K at HRC. She had gone to medical school with him and she knows many people, even her nurse and receptionist who have babies because of Dr. K’s assistance.
  • After our initial consultation, Dr. K made a follow up call to Dr. Adams to talk about the protocal and the next step. He also called Mr. B the following day to see if we had any additional questions. I liked this. It was totally personally and made me feel as though we weren’t just a number.
  • I was watching the Little Couple on TLC and Jen & Bill were doing IVF at HRC in Houston. Not sure if I should take that as a sign, but just weird that I happened to tune into the show on that particular day to see that particular episode. It’s not a show I typically watch.
  • I saw 2 babies at HRC when we visited that day. Again, not sure if I should take that as any sign, however, it reassured me that we could do this, and with all the emotions I have been feeling lately, it was a welcome emotion!
  • They are less expensive in every single area as compared to UCSD.

Cons of HRC:

  • Their success rate is lower than UCSD by almost 10%.
  • Dr. K didn’t seem as thorough as Dr. G. He even said we could start IVF as soon as 2 weeks after my surgery to get my second tube removed. This was a red flag to me. I knew that I needed more time than that to heal physically and emotionally.
  • Dr. K did not offer up additional information very freely. This was our first consultation and I really didn’t know quite what to ask. I wished he would have taken control of the appointment and told us things we should be asking / knowing instead of just answering the few questions we had.
  • They don’t have a multi-cycle package. Well, they do, but it’s for 2 cycles, and it’s a gamble. If you get pregnant the first time, you don’t get any money reimbursed for the second cycle that you will no longer need.

So there you have it…my list of pros and cons. Lots of praying and weighing our options will be going on over the next few weeks as we decide. What would you do?


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