6 Week Post Op Appointment

September 12th, 2012

Went back to Dr. Adams office today for my 6 week post op appointment. Really it was just an appointment to cover what labs I needed her to order for me so that we could actually start IVF. I showed her the list, half expecting her to say that she couldn’t order them all, but to my surprise, she ordered every single one! Praise God. That will help some with our expenses since we are paying totally out of pocket for all of this. Now, all I do is wait for Aunt Flow (code word for my period). I need to have the bloodwork drawn on day 3 of my cycle, so I have 2 long weeks to wait until she gets here.

Until then, I am going to focus on having Mr. B get all his labs done and secure financing. I’m also going to schedule the hysterosalpingogram (HSG) I need done (that doesn’t need to wait for my period). This is a test that takes place in the radiology department where they shoot a dye into the uterus and see if it flows freely through the tube or gets stuck. In my case, we want to make sure the dye doesn’t flow freely and that my tubes are indeed closed. This way, we can rule them out for interfering with the IVF cycle at all. Hopefully those things, along with work, hubby, kiddos, friends, and life will keep me plenty busy during this two week wait for bloodwork.


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