HSG Test

The HSG test went great today. Thanks for all the prayers to keep Aunt Flow (aka: my period) away so that we didn’t have to re-schedule this test.We won’t have the results back for 3-5 days, but from what I saw on the ultra-sound tech’s screen, there were no surprises. The procedure was pretty quick and only lasted about 15 minutes. When I scheduled the appointment, they said that I would not be able to drive afterwards so I was unsure if they were going to be giving me something that would make me loopy, or if I would just be really crampy after the procedure. Neither happened. I felt bad for dragging Mr. B away from an  entire afternoon of work to be my chauffeur, especially because he wasn’t even able to be in the room for the procedure. But, it was also nice to spend some time with him away from work, home, or kids…no distractions…just him. Even if it was just sitting in a hospital waiting room.

When I was first brought into the room I was told to change into one of those super fashionable hospital gowns. I swear, someone needs to design some cute ones that come in sizes that aren’t all XXL! After I changed, I was told to lay down on this long stainless steel table. Even though there were sheets laid down, it was super cold. At that point I thought maybe I understood why hospital gowns were so huge. Thankfully, I was able to wrap it around me like 3 times to cut down the chill of the sterile table. Next, the doctor came in and explained the procedure and what he’d be looking for. He was a cute, funny little asian man that made me feel totally comfortable. He kept calling me things like “sweetie” and “baby doll”, but it wasn’t in an annoying, or flirty way. I’m pretty sure he was gay and that was just his personality. I loved him! It was totally what I needed to lighten the mood and make me feel not quite as nervous about the procedure.

The procedure was quicker and easier than I had anticipated but was way more painful. He placed a catheter into my uterus and then used a balloon like device to enlarge the opening. Then, he filled the catheter tube with a blueish grey dye and pumped it into my uterus. It was crazy because I could see my uterus on the screen and watched it as it filled with fluid. It felt like I was being stabbed in the abdomen over and over again, each time he pushed the button to try to squeeze just a little more dye in, my uterus screamed in pain. It was super painful. Then, the doctor made me roll to my right and then to my left, each time trying to get more of the dye into the uterus. Thank God it was quick, because it was not a fun procedure.

As I went into the bathroom I couldn’t help but let a few tears fall. Not ugly sad sobs, but like the type of tears that you let out when you are missing someone or something. It is weird to miss my Fallopian Tubes? Is that even possible? Does that make me crazy? Seeing my uterus filled with fluid and none of it draining out into my tubes, made it so real. They were gone. And even though I knew this is what we’d see (and even hoped this is what we’d see because that meant the last 2 surgeries I underwent were successful), it was still sad. I felt as though I was officially saying goodbye to a part of me. I knew I said goodbye to my tubes months ago, but seeing the screen with a big blank void where they should have been, where they used to be…reality totally hit.

The rest of the day was a breeze. They warned me of cramping and possibly spotting, but nothing yet. I feel great and am glad that we can officially check that off our list! It’s really the first “official” thing that we can check off. The rest of the appointments I’ve been to over the past few months have been talking about the plan, the protocol, scheduling procedures, and figuring out the next step. It felt great to finally be doing something! That  just means we are one step closer!


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