November IVF Scheduled

I think we’ve pretty much decided to go with Dr. K. We called his office last week and set up a phone call with him so that we could touch base. Since we met with him back in June and that felt like a lifetime ago, we wanted to talk again, see if we were on the same page, and get a time frame with things moving forward. When he called, I was out running errands, and so he gave Mr. B his cell phone number and told us to call when I got home, anytime that evening. I liked that. He didn’t push our call off until the next day. He didn’t have his assistant call to re-schedule. He wanted to talk with us that night, even if it meant giving us his cell number and interrupting his home time. It made me feel comfortable and confident. Like we were real people that he cared for, not just another patient or $$$ in the bank.

We went over a few lingering questions we had, one of them being the success rate he told us during our initial consult that didn’t quite match their online results. He let us know that the numbers posted on are from 2010, and since then their facility has upgraded almost all their lab equipment and is really state of the art now. He said their numbers today are much greater than the 2010 numbers. And although every month varies, based on the women and their results, that they are moving in the right direction. He also said that based on my age (32), that the numbers are even better than say a 33, 34, or 35 year old. The numbers posted online are 35 and under, so it really isn’t broken out by specific age. He shared that every year in the world of fertility counts significantly. He also said that in the month of August, for women age 32, they had a 90% pregnancy success rate. Man…how I wish I was one of those August women! I just have to stay confident, prayerful, and hopeful that we WILL be one of those successful pregnancies when our time comes!

While we had Dr. K on the phone, we also asked him about the time frame and told him that we would like to move forward as soon as possible. He said that as long as all the pre-IVF stuff was completed and received at his office and as long as all our baseline stuff comes back okay, that we could start in November! It feels like that’s so close yet so far. This is entire process feels like a “hurry up and wait” most of the time.

And just because I am a listy mclisterson type of person…here is what we need to complete before the end of October for a November start:

Mrs. B

  • HSG Test
  • Bloodwork – scheduled for Friday
  • Scan & E-mail all surgery reports, HSG test and bloodwork results to Dr. K’s office.

Mr. B

  • Bloodwork – scheduled for 10/8
  • Semen Analysis – scheduled for 10/9
  • Secure financing

Looking at that list it looks like we still have lots to do. However, everything is scheduled, so we should have everything complete in the next few weeks and then start IVF next month. With God’s blessing, we could technically be pregnant by Christmas. Eekkk…I’ve never been so nervous and so excited about something at the same time!

Family and friends, please pray that everything goes smoothly with all our bloodwork and tests this month. Please pray that everything will come back in a timely manner with good results and we will be able to get it to Dr. K’s office and secure financing before the end of October. Please also pray that there are no roadblocks that pop up so we can keep this start date!

Thanks for all your love, support & prayers,
~ xoxo, Mrs. B


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