Celebrities Who Have Gone Through IVF

I am sure there are many more celebs out there who have not been open or honest with the public about their fertility struggles or using IVF to conceive, however I came a across a list of ones who have been open about it. I really admire this list of women. IVF, or any fertility struggle or treatment for that matter,  is such an emotional and super personal journey (which I am discovering more and more everyday). I don’t blame the many people (celebs included) that keep their journey a secret. I know I was tempted to! In a strange way, it is somewhat comforting to know that despite all their money, success, and access to the best doctors around, these women have been through the same exact struggle that Scott and I are currently going through. It is also comforting to know that the list below were all successful in bringing home a baby!

  • Jane Seymour – Twins Johnny & Chris 1995
  • Emma Thompson – Gaia 1999
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Twins Marion & Tabitha 2009 via surrogate
  • Mark McGrath – Twins Lydon & Hartley 2010
  • Celine Dion – Rene 2000 / Twins Eddy & Nelson 2011
  • Rod Stewart & Penny Lancaster – Aiden 2011
  • Nicole Kidman – Faith via a surrogate 2011
  • Giuliana and Bill Rancic – Duke 2012 via surrogate
  • Khloe Kardashian – currently undergoing IVF

Courtney Cox – Coco 2004

Courtney Cox had several miscarriages before she finally turned to and had success with I.V.F. She gave birth to daughter Coco just 2 days before her 40th birthday in 2004. “In vitro is a wonderful thing that people can do in this day and age, and I’m lucky enough to be able to afford it.”

Christie Brinkley – Sailor Lee Cook – 1998

When Christy Brinkley was trying  for baby No. 3 with fourth husband Peter Cook, she had three miscarriages  (one after undergoing I.V.F) before she gave birth to daughter, Sailor Lee in 1998 at age 44.

Marcia Cross – Twins Eden & Savannah 2007 via donor eggs

Marcia Cross skipped her honeymoon to start IVF and successfully conceived twins Eden and Savannah.  “I wanted to be a member of that club so badly, and now I’m in and it’s so much better than I even imagined,” she told People.

Brooke Shields – Rowan Frances 2003

Married to writer Chris Henchy in 2001, Brooke Shields weathered seven IVF treatments before giving birth to Rowan Francis on May 15, 2003.

Any other celebs that you’ve heard of that have undergone IVF? Although we’re no celebrity couple…we are all just people. The list of women above and I have something very real and something very humbling in common. We have all struggled to have a baby. Whether it’s our first, second, or third child, we all feel that longing to be a mother (again). And we have also come to the realization that it may never be possible for us without the help of a specialist. I am so truly happy for each of these women on this list. I think know that if God could bless them with the miracle of a baby through this process, then He can surely bless us!


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