Pregnancy Announcements – I Can Handle Them!

A few of my friends have become pregnant lately, and let me tell you… I am soooo happy for them. I am truly, honestly, over the moon happy for them! When friends or family members have a pregnancy announcement, I can see their hesitation in their voice or their writings…not to everyone…but just to me. And I totally get it, they are being caring and cautious and don’t want me to burst out crying over the shared news. Wondering if they should even be telling me, knowing certainly well the struggles we are having. Well, this is me saying, YES! Please share this news, shout it from the rooftops and do cartwheels ..even around me…especially around me! I mean, you don’t have to rub it in or anything :-)…but I never want to be the reason that someone doesn’t celebrate and share such an amazing blessing.

I have had a few friends that have e-mailed me personal, private e-mails, before they made the announcement. And I appreciated this so much. They did this out of thought, compassion, and a caring heart. They were looking out for my feelings and it was an act of compassion that I will never forget. However,  although appreciated, this is not necessary. Don’t not share this amazing news, or tip-toe around me, just because you haven’t properly reached out to me first! I want to hear this news…I need to hear this news! I need to be reminded that God is good. And although He hasn’t fulfilled our hopes and dreams of a baby yet…he is busy working and fulfilling others that have this same dream.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a piece of me that hurts a bit (okay, a lot) with each new pregnancy announcement, and actually it’s not even a hurt…more like a longing. A longing and hope that someday we will be able to share this same news. I wouldn’t wish infertility upon my worst enemy, let alone my best friends and family. Although I am trying to stay positive through the whole experience and find the good in everything, it is still the toughest thing I have ever been faced with. I wish no one EVER had to face this struggle. And so, with each pregnancy announcement, it means one more person I love and care about will never know this broken road…and that makes me so.very.happy. So happy, that it surpasses the selfish sadness that the devil tries to squirm into my heart. And one thing I have learned through this entire struggle, is that I am a lot stronger than I originally thought!

So, little bambino announcements…I can totally handle them!!! Deal?!


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