Remember how last week I said that I can totally handle pregnancy announcements? Well, I’m not about to retract that statement, I can still totally handle them. However, I do want to share with you what I can’t handle. The following statements are things that I have either heard or read (Facebook/Twitter) from either friends, acquaintances, or total strangers. Yes, strangers. For some reason (that I’ll probably never quite understand), the universe likes to shove new mom’s in my face, quite frequently, who over share their frustrations. Here are some comments that have stood out to me lately:

“Another sleepless night. Beyond exhausted.”

“Can I just send it back to the hospital already?”

“Running on 3 hours of sleep in 24 hours is just awful.”

 “#exhausted #frustrated”

“Up almost every hour to an hour and a half feeding a crying baby”

“Frustrated! It would be so nice to know what sleep feels like again. I’m going insane!!!”

“Did I mention it is now 7:20am and I still have not gone to bed from the 3:30am feeding. Aaarrgggg. Oh Lord how I would love to sleep!”

I have more…but I have to stop. It gets me all worked up just typing it. Now, to be fair, some of these statements, I’m sure, were out of partial delirium or maybe just plain old frustrated banter. I mean, would a new mom really want to send her baby, or as she affectionally called the baby, “it”, back to the hospital? I sure hope not. Please, don’t get me wrong…I KNOW that a newborn is a ton of work. I’ve been there before and I remember what it’s like to be exhausted, frustrated and running on fumes! I want my friends and family to be able to share these frustrations with me…but I’m gonna be totally honest with y’all…I have absolutely no sympathy. And no, it’s not because I don’t have a heart, and it’s not because I am sitting pretty with my 8 hours of sleep and perfectly pressed blouse. It’s because I would give anything to be up in the middle of the night feeding and/or calming a baby. Crying or not…I’d trade that for my 8 hours of sleep in a heart beat! And when that day finally comes for me, when I’m up in the middle of the night with a crying baby…with spit up in my hair and mis-matched socks on…I’ll use words like #happy #content #blessed.


~ xoxo, Mrs. B


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