Birth Control Pills

Well, officially, as of today, this next month is about to get a whole lot crazier and exciting! IVF has officially started. Eeeeekkkk!!! I got my period on Sunday and immediately called Dr. K’s office to let them know. I was 3 days late (which I’m never late) so I was on pins and needles anticipating her arrival. Although, I’m not gonna lie…I was secretly hoping that we would have a miraculous pregnancy literally just days before starting IVF. I totally wanted to be that cliche’. But, no such luck. Oh well, now that she arrived, we could finally stop waiting and actually move forward! The nurse called in a Birth Control Pill order and instructed me to start taking them on cycle day 3 (CD3), which is today. I will be on the BCP for 2 weeks before I start all the other medication. Seems totally backwards to be on birth control pills when we are trying to have a baby, but apparently it’s standard protocol for IVF. By suppressing the ovaries, it really allows the RE to gain control of your cycle. He told me that he would pretty much be putting my ovaries to sleep, so that when he woke them up, he could tell them to do exactly what he wanted them to do. My poor ovaries…they have absolutely NO idea what they are in for! They are about to be stimulated and forced to work harder than they ever have before. Hopefully, they aren’t nearly as stubborn as I am and will listen and do just as they are instructed :-).

Other than that, I have had a terrible headache today. Not sure if it is side effects from the BCP or just simply a lack of sleep (I slept terrible last night), but hoping it is the latter and something that a great night sleep can fix right up. I haven’t been on birth control since I was like 20, so I don’t even remember the side effects.

Family & Friends, please keep us in your prayers. This month is going to be a wild ride!

~ xoxo, Mrs. B


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