Official Dates!

It’s official…we have actual dates!!! Here is what our IVF schedule looks like:

11/4-11/22: Take Birth Control Pills

11/27: Appt for ultrasound, lab, consent, & stimulation instructions

11/27: Based on lab results…possibly start stim medication tonight

12/1: Appt for ultrasound & lab to check progress

12/3: Appt for ultrasound & lab to check progress

12/6: Appt for ultrasound & lab to check progress

12/8: ER (egg retrieval) & Fertilization of eggs

12/8 – 12/9: Bedrest for 24 hours

12/8-12/12: Eggs fertilize and grow, hopefully resulting in a few healthy blastocysts

12/13: Day 5 ET (embryo transfer)

12/13-12/15: Bedrest for 48 hours

Then we will come in between 10-14 days after ET to do beta blood testing. Hopefully this will show HCG, the pregancy hormone in my blood and result in a beautiful, healthy baby!!! What an awesome Christmas miracle this would be!!!

It feels so good to officially have dates to obsess over. This is either going to be the quickest month ever or the slowest month ever. But either way…we are officially starting 🙂 Eeekkkk…say some prayers for us!

~ xoxo, Mrs. B


2 thoughts on “Official Dates!

    • Thanks Katherine! The calendar sure does make it feel real…to my mind, to my heart, to my type-A-want-to-control-everything personality, and to our savings account (ouch)! Look forward to reading your updates too! I’ll be praying for you!

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