Picture of Perfection!

Mr. B and I have a mutual friend that just had a beautiful baby boy born just last week. And what makes his birth even more special (now that we are in the midst of all this) is that he was conceived through IVF. Although we haven’t met him in person yet, we have been able to see pictures. As soon as Mr. B saw his picture, he said, “Wow, he’s perfect”. I could hear the relief, awe, and excitement in his voice. I swear, sometimes I think he thinks that since we are going to be making a baby all scientific-like…in a lab & petri dish, that somewhere in the back of his mind, he thinks our baby might come out with 2 heads, 12 toes, or fins on the side of their body. He doesn’t know anyone personally (and I know just a handful) who have had kids this way, so it’s definitely unfamiliar territory for both of us, but more so for him. I could see him staring at the picture and taking in each and every one of his new babies features. I could see the relief on his face and in his voice as he looked at that baby boy and saw every bit of his perfection! It was just the hope and picture we needed to be reminded just what we are doing all this for.


4 thoughts on “Picture of Perfection!

  1. AWWWWWW that is so sweet = ) The lord is working on his heart and working out all those little details to bring him comfort and peace, He is so good, better than we can possibly understand and sometimes he gives us just that little bit of mercy and his amazing grace to get you to the next step, day or sometimes moment. Glad to see he’s answering my prayers and shining down on you guys ! LOVE YOU !!!

    • You’re so right. He is so good! It was a perfect reminder and just what we needed. Especially knowing that this deserving couple had their precious and perfect baby boy they had been waiting for. I just hope He has the same plan laid out for us. Thanks for the prayers love! They are so very needed and so very appreciated. xoxo LOVE YOU MORE!!!

  2. Awh, what a great moment. Sometimes it just takes seeing things in the flesh for it to hit home. Science can be such a gift, and I’m happy that’s sinking in a bit more for him. Hoping for the very best for you two!

    • Thanks Emily! I really do think it was quite the relief for him to see that the baby didn’t have two heads or something. Scott has always been a bit terrified of this process (where as I am fascinated…and ok…maybe a little terrified). So it was a perfect picture and reminder for him that this process doesn’t have to be so scary. I mean, how could you think anything negative while staring at a picture of an absolutely perfect baby boy?! It was a great reminder and hope for what lies ahead.

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