Green Light. It’s Go Time!

Today’s appointment went great. We arrived at Dr. K’s office about 30 minutes early because there was no traffic. WooHoo! So hard to know what the traffic situation will be like since the office is an hour and a half away.Today we left at 8:45 (for our 10:45 appt) and we seemed to miss all the traffic. I may have to request that time slot from now on. Once we got there, we were sent back to the financial office where we paid a small fortune for our upcoming cycle. I was pretty tough the whole day, but this was the only time I teared up and became emotional. As we handed over pretty much all of our savings…it broke my heart. I never thought we would have to hand over a huge chunk of our hard earned and saved money in order to even “try” for a baby. It also made me sad for my hubby. Gosh, he works SO hard for our family and it kind of made me feel guilty and sad that the money he has worked so hard to set aside over the past few years, the money we have worked so hard to set aside…was gone…just like that. If this works, it will all be worth it. And that’s how I/we have to continue to think. This WILL work and then the money won’t matter. We are young, we can always make more money, and since this is our only shot at having a baby, it’s what has to be done.

We opted to go for the 2 cycle package. Mr. B and I just didn’t feel comfortable putting all our eggs (pun intended, he he:-)) in one basket and have everything riding on that one shot. The 2 cycle package was definitely less than paying for 2 cycles separately, however, it is called a “shared cycle” which means if you don’t end up needing the second cycle (fingers crossed), you won’t get any type of refund back on the unused cycle. Mr. B is not a big gamblin’ man, so for us, it felt a bit like insurance. We’ll have a second shot if we need it, and if we don’t…again, we won’t care about spending the extra money once we are holding our sweet baby.

After getting cleared through financial, we went and signed our life away by signing a bazillion consent forms. Picture us gettting buried under a huge pile of papers that tell you about all the scary things that “could” happen. I sometimes wish consents like this were a little more warm and fuzzy instead of making you question if you are making the right decision. Any type of medical form pretty much discloses all the scariest things that could happen…just in case. I remember before my surgery for my ectopic pregnancy, I was pretty much sure I wasn’t going to come out of the operating room alive after I read through those scary consent forms. Maybe they need someone with a little more finesse drafting up these forms. Hmmm…who do we talk to about that…

Once we found our way out from under the pile of papers, we headed in for the ultrasound. I was most nervous about this part. Not because I had to lay on the table and expose my lady parts to the Dr. with my Mr. B sitting right there (awkward). No, I’m quite used to that by now. I was nervous because this was the part where we would find out if things were good to move forward. If we found a cyst on the ovary (pretty common), we would have to wait for the cyst to go down before we started. This wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but I felt like I’d waited so long for this day to get here and I just wanted to get started. Well, everything looked great! No cyst and lots of small follicles just waiting to be stimulated. Hooray! I hope my ovaries are ready because they are about to be worked like they’ve never been worked before.

After the ultrasound, we headed into our injection class. This is where the nurse taught us how to mix and administer the injections that we would be doing for the next 10 or so days. There was so much information and I really felt inadequate to be learning how to mix medication and give a shot. Aren’t there nurses that go to school for like a bunch of years to learn this stuff? Yep, we pretty much learned it in 30 minutes. We’re cool like that. I wasn’t scared of the shot so much, just scared of doing it wrong. But I took lots of notes and they sent us home with detailed pictures and instructions. I felt like that should be enough to jog our memory when we got home.

Lastly, before leaving the office, I had my blood drawn so that they could check my estrogen. They wanted to see my level nice and low (since I am at the beginning of my cycle) and it came back at 11.8. The nurse said it was “perfect” and to go ahead and start injections tonight. Eeek!!! It’s really happening.

Family & Friends, by the time you read this we will have already given our first injection, however, please pray that the injections will be easy and not too traumatic (for either of us). Pray that we remember all the steps to mix and give the shots and that I don’t end up all bruised and battered. Also, most importantly, pray that my body will react and respond as it should to the medication. Creating a few perfect, healthy and plump eggs…that will hopefully create our long awaited & prayed for miracle baby.

Thanks for all your love & support,

~ xoxo, Mrs. B


2 thoughts on “Green Light. It’s Go Time!

  1. “This WILL work and then the money won’t matter. We are young, we can always make more money, and since this is our only shot at having a baby, it’s what has to be done.” You said it perfectly. I know that had to be hard, but you are so right that it will all be worth it in the end. I’m sure you guys totally rocked the first round of injections tonight, but I will definitely keep you in my prayers. It’s really happening for you, and THAT IS EXCITING!!

    • Thanks Emily! They were totally not as bad as I was making them out in my mind to be. And DH even gave them, which is huge for him. He hates needles, so it meant a lot to me that he wanted to be involved. Reminded me how much I love and need him ALWAYS! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. You’re in mine daily as well!

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