An Even Dozen

Today’s appointment went great. If you don’t count the 2 hours that it took me to get there. (Note to self: don’t ever take the 8:15 appointment on a weekday) LA traffic is a nightmare in the morning! I knew this…but guess I had forgotten just how bad it could be. I gave myself an hour and 45 minutes to get there and still ended up being 20 minutes late for the appointment. Ugh, I hate being late for appointments. Especially ones where I get to check in on my cute lil’ eggs that are growing. I swear, I feel attached to each of them already. Praying for them, talking to them, hoping each and every one of them is successful makes it to retrieval. Crazy, I know! Anyways, totally got off topic there. The being late thing…this is usually something that would have totally stressed me out but I am trying really hard to let go of things and keep my stress level at a minimum. I knew there was nothing I could do about the traffic sitch, so I just let it go and kept on singing along with T. Swift at the top of my lungs. It put me in a happy place instead of a frantic place when I arrived. Here’s what we found out today:

Day     Date     Estradiol       Follie #     Right Size                     Left Size                   Lining
4          12/1           66.08                   5                  9, 7, 6                                 8, 7, 6                          6
7           12/4          302                        7                 11, 10, 9                             10, 10, 9, 7                  9.6
10        12/7           806                       12               17,15,14,13,12,12           17,15,13,12,12,11      10.9

I must note the number of follicles visible today. Do you see that…12 FOLLIES!!! An even dozen :-). This made me thrilled. And even though some of the smaller ones may not catch up and be fully developed before the ER (egg retrieval)…they might be. The fact that they are there means there is a chance…and that is a chance that I didn’t have 3 days ago. Dr. K also said that my lining looked great at almost an 11 mm and pointed out all the layers he could see on the ultrasound, which is what he looks for. Plenty of cushion for the little embie(s) to snuggle into when that time comes. Yay for thick lining!

As for the timeline. I am soooo ready for this part of the process to be over! As I was getting my blood drawn today, It dawned on me how totally over I am getting pricked by some sort of needle each and every day. Dr. K had me start my Cetrotide last night which will stop ovulation (this way my eggs don’t release before my retrieval), which is taken as a shot as well. So that, along with my FSH shot, makes 2 shots a day. It could be worse…but I will be happy when I don’t have to get pricked every night! My poor belly. I have not bruised at all (yay Dr. B) but am feeling pretty sore, bloated, and “full” in that area. But, whatever it takes to get to our baby, I’ll glady endure!

After the ultrasound, I asked Dr. K if he felt more optimistic about my cycle after what he saw today. His response, “Much More!” Yay! He said that I was super slow to start, but things have definitely picked up and I am now responding like I should. Upping the dose of medication (twice) definitely did the trick. At least we know a little more about my body and it’s response time now. Looking at my chart and the progression of things over the past 10 days, he said we almost have to look at it like the first 4 days of stims didn’t even exist (yeah right, tell that to my credit card and the $1,000 worth of medication that was used those first 4 days). My E2 was low, my follicle count was low and the follies I did have were still really small. He was worried at this point, and so was I. So glad and thankful that things turned around!

The plan as of right now is to take my same dose of medication tonight and tomorrow (225 Gonal-F, 225 Menopur, 1 vial Cetrotide) and come back Sunday for another peek. He said based on my follie size on Sunday, he may have me stim Sunday night, then trigger on Monday (this will take care of the final maturation of the eggs) for an ER on Wednesday. Eeekkk…getting nervous and excited just thinking about it. Just so anxious to start the next phase of this baby makin’ process!

Family & Friends, please continue to pray that my body will respond well to the medication these next few days and that the follies and the eggs inside them will continue to grow big and strong as they reach the final stages of maturity. Pray that my smaller follicles catch up and are mature by retrieval and that the larger ones don’t become too big that they are overmature. It is a balancing act at this point. And although I know that likely not all 12 will be mature at retrieval, I can’t help but hope and pray for each one of them.

Thanks for all your love and support!
xoxo, Mrs. B


13 thoughts on “An Even Dozen

  1. Lots of prayers that the dozen keeping doing what they are doing! Enjoy this day and this achievement the IVF cycle is so full of ups and downs that when you have a good day, just enjoy it! Your response is truly an answer to prayer; keep it up you are so close to trigger!

    • You are so right on that Jeanna! We have to celebrate each hurdle and enjoy the good news when it rolls in. Seemed like there wasn’t much until this point…so I’ll take it! I’ve been thinking of and praying for you and those lil’ sticky beans of yours. I’m sorry that you didn’t end up with any frosties…but I just know that you have the strongest and best two right where they belong right now.

  2. It’s going so great and I’m so happy!!! That is just awesome on the 12 eggs you have growing and I’m def continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers that this works out.

    • Thanks Katharine! I was soooo relieved after yesterdays good monitoring appt and the new positive outlook from my RE! It was definitely a great day. And then to top it off…the news of your ultrasound, baby, and strong heartbeat made it even better! I am still reeling and smiling from ear to ear from your news!!!

  3. Twelve is fantastic! I don’t know what they consider mature enough to retrieve, but as far as I know 13 mm follies can have viable eggs, and I wouldn’t doubt all 12 could be takers. I hope you get a number that you feel comfortable with, and more than that, that no matter how many there are, they are the pick of the litter. C’mon SUPEREGGS! So excited to follow you through this amazing process! Cheering and praying for you ALL the way!

    • Thanks Emily! I was pretty excited about it too! Honestly, I feel like it’s a huge blessing since I was only anticipating having 5 at best based on my baseline appt. And the number per say doesn’t really matter. I just want to have enough so that we have options (ie: ICSI vs not, Frosties, etc). My RE said he wants them to be close to 18 before I trigger. We have another appt in the morning so we’ll see where we are at. Thanks for the prayers! You’re in mine too!!!

  4. What RE office do you go to in SoCal? I live in Bakersfield, but travel to thousand oaks to my RE. I know there are a few great ones down there, but just wondering if we went to the same place 🙂

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