Egg Retrieval Scheduled

I just got back from my last monitoring appt this morning, and thankfully, all looked good. I was a little anxious going into this appt because yesterday and today I have been experiencing total ovulation symptoms. Increased cervial mucous (sorry, dad), sore boobs, and slight cramping.Yikes! How unlucky would it be if the Cetrotide wasn’t doing it’s job (this holds off ovulation) and my body decided to ovulate before our retrieval. I knew this was VERY rare…but so were 3 miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy…so statistics don’t carry too much weight with me anymore. To ovulate before retrieval would be devastating. And these symptoms that just popped up out of nowhere yesterday, well, they kinda freaked me out. Especially since I have been stimming longer than originally scheduled and yesterday was day 14 of my cycle. In my typical 28 day cycle, this is the day I ovulate…like clockwork. And the worst part was that it was Saturday afternoon before I noticed these symptoms and my RE’s office was closed, so I couldn’t even ask a nurse if it was normal or something to be concerned about. Luckily, my friends over at BBC (an online support forum) who also went through IVF’s this month put my mind at ease that these were very normal symptoms and ones that many of them had experienced close to ER. Man, what did people used to do without technology? I was so thankful to have some ladies that knew what I was going through, had been through it themselves just recently, and put my mind at ease. I was also so glad that I had an appt bright and early this morning so my imagination and worries couldn’t run off too far.

Thankfully everything looked good! Lining is a nice 11 mm and I have 12 follicles ranging from 20 mm to 14 mm. I was hoping that we would be triggering tonight (I am so worried about over-stimulating and over-maturing my eggs) but Dr. K wants me to go one more night on stims, then take the trigger shot tomorrow at 9:30 PM for a 8:30 AM retrieval on Wednesday. Check in will be at 7:45 AM. So early, and definitely not an ideal time for us since my daugter starts school at 7:40 am and traffic is terrible going to LA in the morning. But, we’ll figure something out! Eekkk…these past two weeks of planning, preparing, poking, and prodding are about to take a drastic turn. It’s almost here.

Family & friends, please pray that my follicles and eggs continue to grow and mature over these next few days. Also, pray that they don’t become over mature by the time my egg retrieval takes place. Also, please pray that my body doesn’t decide to fall into that “VERY rare” area and decide to ovulate before Wednesday. Other than that, just pray for our peace, strength, and God’s hand as we move from the medication side to the retrieval side of this journey.

I love you all. Thanks for your support!

~ xoxo Mrs. B


10 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval Scheduled

  1. I know what you mean about statistics not carrying much weight. Doesn’t being in the 1% make you feel special? lol

    Hang tight woman! God’s got you in the palm of His hand. He’s going to grow those smaller follies big and strong and hold onto them until the perfect time for retrieval. I’m so excited for you. Your big day is almost here!!! Woo hoo!!!!

    • Deinitely doesn’t make me feel special AT ALL Emily! The 99% side of things has looked pretty good to me for quite some time. But for some reason, I always end up in that 1%. Go figure.

      Thanks for the encouragement. I am not going to worry about things and just trust God and my RE that the timeline of everything will be perfect. I can hardly wait for Wednesday. I feel like we have been building up to this day for soooo long now.

  2. I had those symptoms too. I am glad the online gals talked you down. I know I have found such support online too! I am excited for you that your ER is scheduled and will be praying for travel and that everything goes smoothly. I know how in this case we just want to be normal for once! GL!

  3. I’m continuing to pray for you, but it looks like everything is checking out perfectly. Your RE has done a great job so far and the beauty of a RE is they can worry for you, so it makes it a little bit easier on you. I am so glad for how it all goes and good luck your ER. I have a feeling you are going to have at least one sticky bean now and a few more sibs for later. *hugs*

    • GatorGirl, it was a piece of cake! My RE doesn’t have us do the shot intramuscular (like I’ve heard lots of others do) but rather subcutaneous, which is a 1/2″ needle in the stomach. This is how I was doing all my other shots…so it was just like any other. However, it felt GREAT to know that it was my last one!!!

      Thanks for the prayers! I’m super nervous about the procedure tomorrow!

  4. Yay for egg retrieval tomorrow!!! I’ll be praying for you and those TWELVE follies! Just stay positive. Good things do happen to good people…eventually! So excited for you…one step closer to baby! 🙂

    • Thanks for the prayers Kodye! Staying as positive as I can and thinking happy thoughts of lots of mature eggies. I sure hope it’s our time for some good news. It’s been a while over here. Thanks for all your support, positive thoughts, and kind words. I think of you and that precious bun in your oven often 🙂

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