Making Babies on 12/12/12

“What a perfect day to make some babies”, is what I said to Mr. B as we headed out the door at 6 am. He smiled (groggily) and agreed. I could hardly wait to get on the road and get this day going. I felt as though I had been waiting for this day, for this moment, for so long. I think I hardly slept last night with all the anticipation of the baby makin’ that would be taking place today.

I guess the retrieval only took about 10 minutes…it was all so quick it is kind of a blur. Well, the blur part might be the anesthesia.  All I remember before I was knocked out, was telling Dr. K that I liked his shirt and tie combo. Then I proceeded to tell him how I worked for Nordstrom for almost 10 years and that the Men’s Furnishings dept was my favorite area to manage. I remember telling him that I loved to put together shirt and tie combos for customers, and his was awesome. Poor guy. Apparently I get really chatty when going under. But really, the tie was purple plaid…and totally cool! The entire ER was quick and painless, and the staff was really wonderful! Pampering me with heating pads, cozy, socks and cute mini bottles of apple juice. The first thing I asked for when I woke up was Mr. B. He was there in a heartbeat, right by my side.

Well, onto the good news…we got 9 eggs! After starting with only 5 follicles, I am super happy with this number. Since I had 12 follies, I’ll admit, I was hoping for 12 eggs on 12/12/12 (<–look at that retrieval date. I mean, that’s gotta be a good sign, right?!)…but 9 it is. And I couldn’t be more excited. After initially thinking the best we were going to get is 5, 4 more than that is such a huge blessing. This number will hopefully give us a few good contenders. I can hardly wait for the fertilization report tomorrow. I wonder if I’ll even get a wink of sleep tonight. Already worrying about our 9 lil’ rugrats we made today 🙂

As for me, I plan to take it easy for the rest of the day and soak up all this pampering from my amazing hubs!

Family & friends, please pray that our 9 little eggs fertilize properly and that they grow nice and strong over the next 5 days. If all goes as planned and they are looking strong & healthy, we are planning to do a 5 day transfer, which puts us at Monday. Pray that the Lord will bless the hands of the embryologist as he/she looks after our babies, and pray that the little embryos start fighting for their life. God knows we’ve been fighting hard for them!

Thanks for all your prayers today. I felt totally at peace the entire day, so I knew I had lots of prayer warriors sending some positive thoughts our way. Thank you for this. Really, the support and prayers mean so much!


~ xoxo Mrs. B


11 thoughts on “Making Babies on 12/12/12

    • Thanks Miss A! We’re praying hard for them over here too! On your blog I read that your embryologist said there was typically a 50% fert rate? Is that fertilizing normally without ICSI, or did you use ICSI? We opted not to use ICSI and just hoping and praying we get better than a 50% fert report tomorrow.

      • Sorry I am just replying to this! Yes, the 50% fertilization rate is for “normal” fertilization. At my clinic, if you are not doing ICSI then they attempt to fertilize all the eggs retrieved. They do not sort out the mature eggs. This is the reason for a 50% fertilization rate…because obviously not all eggs retrieved are mature. Hope that makes sense!

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