Beta Results #1

Well, no wonder the 2 lines on the dollar store test were super dark. Praise God for good news today!

hCG – 429

Estradiol – 912

Progesterone – 59

According to Dr. Google, hCG present at 4 weeks of pregnancy should range between 5 – 430. Our 429 is a super strong first beta and makes me wonder if we’ve got more than one lil’ rugrat in there. Either way, we are still being cautiously optimistic. We know better than most that a positive pregnancy test and nice beta number doesn’t always mean a healthy baby in our arms in nine months. But, with all the disappointment and bad news we’ve received over the past 3 years in the baby making department, I am choosing to celebrate. As the nurse said when she called this afternoon with the results, “Well, congrats, you are very pregnant”. That sentence makes me smile from ear to ear. We go back for our second beta on Saturday. Here’s hoping it doubles like it should!

Thank you all SO much for all your thoughts and prayers today and throughout this entire journey. I felt total peace today before I tested and as I awaited the results of the blood test. I just know that it was because of all your positive words of encouragement and love! Today was a good day!


14 thoughts on “Beta Results #1

    • Amber, I know, right?! I asked the nurse if those numbers were reflective of more than one. She said that she has seen singletons with numbers that high, twins, and triplets. I am hoping for one or two (I am so scared of complications associated with more than that)…but will feel so blessed with whatever God entrusts us with! As long as we are all healthy at the end of it!

    • Thanks Darcy! We couldn’t be more excited. We still have a long way to go before we bring home a baby, but we are excited to be where we are right now and have a shot at our long awaited baby!

    • Yes, Jessica, we’ll have another blood test done on Saturday, then again on Monday. We’ll be looking to make sure the beta numbers are doubling. Once that is established, an ultrasound will be scheduled 🙂

  1. High HCG numbers can also mean they are snuggled very good. I had high HCG with each of my pregnancies (and each time the nurses/dr would make a comment about maybe more than one being in there, but all were singletons.) Congrats on a great number!!

    • Thanks Brandy. That’s reassuring news. I like the idea of an embie snuggled in nice and tight! Can’t wait for an ultrasound to be scheduled so we can take a peek inside and see what is going on in there 🙂

    • Thanks Caroline! I am curious about that now too. Hoping for one or two, but will be so happy with whatever God entrusts us with, as long as we are all healthy at the end of it. I know He won’t give us more than we can handle!

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