Surprise Ultrasound

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I LOVE my OB! She has been with me through all my miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, and performed both tubal salpingectomies. She is caring, thorough, great at what she does, and wants a baby for us almost as much as we do! After I received news of my positive beta on Thursday, I called her right away to let her know the good news. Plus, it was a bit of a selfish call at the same time. I wanted her to call in a prescription for more progesterone supps, since I have already met my deductible for the year with my insurance and it would cost around $35 vs the $350 from the outside pharmacy. Yay for saving $300 with a simple phone call! Dr. A was so thrilled for us and asked if I wanted to come in for an ultrasound that day. I asked her if we would be able to see anything yet, and she said at 4 weeks 1 day they can sometimes see a sack, but sometimes not. She said she could get me in at 3:30 and we could just see what we see. I was all for an ultrasound, even if it was way too early.

Dr. A was fully aware that we did IVF. Actually, she is the one that recommended Dr. K, our RE, and gave us the complimentary voucher to go and meet with him. She had gone to medical school with him and both her nurse and her front desk secretary had babies from working with Dr. K. That was one of the main reasons we decided to go with him, because my OB who I adore so much highly recommended him. And each time I checked out with her nurse, I got to see pics all over her desk of the miracle son she had because of Dr. K.

The first thing she asked was how I was feeling. The second thing she asked was how many we transferred. I told her that we transferred 3. She looked quite concerened and asked, “why on earth would you transfer 3?” I told her the short version of the terrible cycle from hell, and how everything that could go wrong, seemed to go wrong. She asked if Dr. K knew why our 3 fertilized eggs were slow growing, which is why we decided to transfer all 3 on day 3, instead of transfer 1 on day 5, like originally planned. I told her that no one really knew, and he just said that some women’s eggs are just slower to develop than others, and in that case he wants to put them back in their natural environment, rather than have them struggle in the harsher environement of the lab.

She performed the ultrasound, and as suspected, it was still too early to see much of anything. She said that my lining looked fantastic and definitely looked ready for a pregnancy. Then she took her time and moved her wand very slowly to see if she could see any type of sack forming. She thought she saw one tiny black dot, and pointed it out to me. I saw it too, but it was so small it was hard to entirely make out. She thought the one black spot was one sack…but wouldn’t bet any money on it yet. She said there could possibly be more that just wasn’t visible to the naked eye yet. But if she had to go off of today’s ultrasound, that she would say there was just one in there.

She also saw and noted that there were lots of cysts on my ovaries. She said that this is very common after fertility treatments because each of the follicles that they extracted an egg from can fill with fluid and form a cyst. I asked her if these were bad for a pregnancy and she assured me that they weren’t. She just said that she will keep an eye on them at each appt and they should start to shrink and then eventally just go away on their own. She did say that I have to be aware of any sharp and shooting pain though. She said that with the size of the cysts on my ovaries, the ovary can twist on itself, which can be very dangerous. If it twists, it could cut off blood supply to the ovary, which could damage and kill that ovary. Holy cow, scary stuff! I already lost my tubes, I can’t lose my ovaries too! The scariest part is that I have a super high pain tolerance. I am one of those that never complains, never is a baby, never even really feels much pain, and just works through anything at any time. Even when I had my ectopic pregnancy and my tube ruptured, I didn’t even know it had happened. I had been having, what I thought, were “normal” like cramps for a few days, ones that came with a normal pregnancy. Little did I know, my tube had burst and I was bleeding a liter of blood into my abdomen. Oops! Dr. A couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been doubled over in pain when I was rushed into surgery with her a few hours later. Eh, they felt like normal cramps to me. I am really trying to take it easy these next few days so that I can listen to my body. I definitely don’t want to miss any cues if my ovary(ies) happens to twist on itself!

If my beta keeps doubling like it should, I am not sure when Dr. K will have me come in for my first ultrasound, but I am assuming around the 6 week mark, where we will hopefully see a heartbeat. However, my lovely and awesome OB, scheduled a second ultrasound for Thursday, 1/3. I am thrilled. If everything goes as planned, I will be 5 weeks 1 day, and we should definitely be able to see a sack (or two) by then. I feel so blessed to have an OB that is willing to get me in there for super early ultrasounds, just to “see what we see.”

I am taking my second beta today and hoping and praying it doubles like it should. That is the first sign of a healthy and on-going pregnancy. Since today is a Saturday, I am not sure that we will even get the results back today, we may have to wait until Monday, which will make it a very long weekend! Then on Monday I go in for a third beta to make sure that the Saturday’s results double.

Family & friends, keep praying that this little nugget(s) is growing healthy and strong, and that we will only have good news to face over the next week! We are still trying to be cautiously optimistic about the whole thing, but can’t help but feel giddy and excited about the thought of a baby, our baby, finally on its way to meet us!


5 thoughts on “Surprise Ultrasound

  1. Oh my goodness that is so exciting!!! So glad you have such a wonderful OB. Have a great weekend and try to just enjoy the weekend 🙂

  2. Hoping and praying those numbers more than double for you! Glad you have such an awesome OB that you trust and can see this early on. I only trust mine to do pap smears and not much else, so you are very fortunate! So happy to hear things are going well!

  3. I need to get your OB’s info from you! I’m still going to mine in Mission Viejo, which makes for a lot of long drives! He’s totally worth it, but after this pg I’d love to start going to one closer to home. 🙂

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