Beta #3

hCG – 1,439

Progesterone – 59

Estradiol – 1,406

I am thrilled with the rise in beta! Nearly an 87% rise since Saturday. Plus, I had to take my bloodwork way earlier this morning because of the holiday. If I would have waited until 11:00 am like my other labs have been drawn, we would not have got the results back as soon. Today I took my labs at 8 am. So, if you factor in the 3 hour difference in lab time, according to this beta calculator, my doubling time is 49.9 hours.

Dr. K said everything is right on track. Yay! What great news to ring in the new year!!! Next step is another blood draw next Monday, 1/7 followed by an ultrasound on 1/14. But if you remember, I am also getting an ultrasound on 1/3 from my OB, and maybe even another the following week (I am going to take as many as she will give me — and with my history of miscarriages, she said we can schedule one weekly until a healthy pregnancy is established), so we should hopefully get lots of sneak peaks of our lil’ nugget over the next few weeks!

Hope everyone has a Happy and safe New Year!

Here’s to a fantastic 2013 with lots of sticky baby dust to all of us that have been waiting and praying on our little miracles.


6 thoughts on “Beta #3

    • Thanks Emily! Hoping the good news keeps rolling in too! We’ve never had so much good news in a row in the TTC department. I am trying to just enjoy it and be happy rather than frightened that it will suddenly all take a turn.

  1. Those are fantastic numbers!!! Super excited for you!!! Isn’t it just that much more amazing when you were so sure it wasn’t going to work out?! Can’t wait for all the upcoming updates!

    • Yes, Katharine! I was sure with the way that our entire cycle went, that we were totally out. I am still shocked that it worked. And yes, it does make it that much sweeter when you see those 2 pink lines when you totally aren’t expecting it!

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