Ultrasound 5 wks 1 day

Ultrasound 5 wk 1 day

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have an ultrasound done so early. Maybe, just maybe, there is a reason that they typically don’t perform the first ultrasound until you are 6-8 weeks along.

I had my second ultrasound with my OB today at 5 weeks 1 day. She had said that she should typically see a sac and a yolk sac at this stage. What did we see on mine? 2 sacs, with what she thought was the start of a yolk sac on one.  The other one was still too small and she couldn’t see the yolk sac inside at all. I asked her if it could still be too early and if she was concerned with what she saw. She said that she saw today what she was expecting to see last week (at 4 wks 1 day). Not concerned, but maybe just a bit behind where she expected me to be. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I had slow growing embryos and they took longer to finish developing and implant, maybe I am just slow to bake these lil’ rugrats, maybe this is not a viable pregnancy at all, or maybe it is really just still too early. I hope and pray that it is just too early. Please God, let these one or two little beans catch up! I can’t even imagine going through all this, finding out we are pregnant, only to find out a few weeks later that it’s not a viable pregnancy at all. I would die.

My OB scheduled a follow up ultrasound for 1/10 at 8:30 am. I will be 6 weeks 1 day then. At 6 weeks, you should typically see a heartbeat, however, since I seem to be about a week behind, she said that she will hope to see a clearly defined yolk sac inside the gestational sac (a circle inside a circle), which is what she expected to see today. And maybe, if we’re lucky, maybe even a fetal pole.

I am trying to hold onto the good news and not dwell on the what if’s. So hard to do! The good news is that my hCG numbers continue to rise and nearly double. Also, we saw more this ultrasound than the one performed last week, so that means there are changes going on and there is growth. Also, in all of our 3 miscarriages and 1 ectopic, we have never got this far. Sure, we have made it past 5 weeks before (6 weeks is the furthest), but we never even saw a sac with any of my pregnancies. I always ended up miscarrying either prior to my first appt, or nothing was seen at all at my first ultrasound appt. We have never been here before, never been this far where we actually see a sac (or possibly two) in the right place. I am holding onto this reality and hope that this IS our healthy pregnancy and we WILL have a healthy baby (or two) in 9 months.

Family & friends, please say some prayers that this baby (or babies) grow really big and strong over the next couple of weeks. Please pray that next weeks ultrasound will be reassuring and I can stop worrying and start enjoying being pregnant. Yeah right, not sure I will ever really be able to relax and enjoy this pregnancy…not until I finally have my baby safely in my arms.


18 thoughts on “Ultrasound 5 wks 1 day

  1. EEK! It’s ver exciting to see progress and to know your beta is rising at hoped. I can totally understand the worry though. It’s hard to hear anything other than “everything looks great and is right where it should be.” It’s even harder after you’ve dealt with m/c’s and ectoptics. Try to keep your head high and enjoy being pregnant. After all, you ARE pregnant right now, and you deserve to have happy feelings about that. I know it’s easier said than done though. xoxo

    • Thanks Darcy. You’re right, I guess I am so used to things ending badly when it comes to TTC, I am having a hard time just being preggo, without the worry part. And everytime things aren’t “just how they should be” has always seemed to end badly for us in the past. But this time WILL be different! This WILL be our take home baby! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  2. I know its hard, but please try not to stress and worry. I have seen MANY women on various boards that had not-so-great first u/s, where drs say prepare for bad news and to just wait it out a little bit (some didn’t even have HBs at 7 weeks), but end of having beautiful, healthy babies in their arms. SO many changes happen at this early stage and even 24 hours can show an amazing difference. Prayers thats your beans keep growing stronger everyday and that great changes happen before your next sono so you can have some peace.

    • You are so right Brandy! It is SO early and there is so much change going on daily. I am trying my best not to worry so that I can just enjoy being preggo! Thanks for that awesome and necessary reminder 🙂

  3. I didn’t have a circle within a circle at 5w4d, but my RE saw it at 5w6d. He told me that was exactly what he would expect for that date. I would say you are right on track!! GL!

    • Thanks Miss A! That is so good to hear! The more I think about it and get support and positive feedback from all you amazing ladies, the more I think it was just too early. Hoping my next ultrasound (6wk1day) we will see more. Thanks for sharing your experience. It totally calmed my fears!

  4. This is what my 5 week ultrasound looked like too! Well, with one sac. When I went a week later we saw a heartbeat and a veeeery small fetal pole. The doctor had to search for it! Baby was measuring a little bit behind but every appt since then she measured ahead and now at 30 weeks, she is 10 days ahead! Some babies just get off to a slower start than others. I think your ultrasound looks great and how amazing that this is further than the other pregnancies! I know how hard it is not to worry, but I think you’re right on track! 🙂

    • Kodye, thanks you! You don’t know how much reassurance this gave me. So glad your 5 wk ultrasound looked the same. That gives me so much hope…especially since you are measuring 10 days ahead now…so awesome!

  5. Praying next week’s ultrasound gives you peace! I’ve been reading about so many IVF babies that are measuring behind lately. I don’t get why but I really think its “normal” for our little ones, maybe they make those petri dishes so comfortable the babies just get lazy! Mine measured 3 days behind at our first appointment at 6w2d (measured 5w6d), so I’m really glad we didn’t go in any sooner because I would have freaked out.

    Praying hard that those babies are growing strong! And that you have calm nerves! I know how scary every single step of this is! Just know you’re not alone and you’ve got a lot of ladies praying hard!

    • Thanks Katharine! Yeah, thinking these monitoring appts weren’t the best idea. Thanks for so many prayers. I don’t care if my babies are behind…I just want to make sure they are healthy and continue to grow like they should. I’ve heard about IVF babies being a little slower ot take off in development too. How funny, I wonder why? Hoping next week’s ultrasound brings peace of mind too!

  6. Nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I will be praying for them to grow big and strong and for you to have peace of mind and patience with God’s timing. Can’t wait to hear updates to come!

    • Thanks Emily! The patience thing is what’s really getting the best of my right now. I just want to KNOW already that everything is okay in this pregnancy. Just have to remember to pray each time I start to feel anxious. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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