Beta #4

Beta #4 (23dp3dt)

hCG – 9,144 (up from 1,439 a week ago)

Estradiol – 2,099

Progesterone – 52.52

Well, beta didn’t quite double every 2 days, but more like every 2.5 days. I’ve been using this handy dandy doubling calculator that I love. I love it because you can take into account the time and date of the blood draw. I am super happy with these  results! I’ve done lots of reading that says that once your hCG reaches over 1,200, the average doubling time is between 72-96 hours, then once over 6,000 it can take over 96 hours to double. The fact that mine is doubling in 62 hours makes me a happy mama :-). What else makes me a happy mama…this is the highest my hCG has been in any of my prior pregnancies. My next highest hCG was with my ectopic pregnancy where my hCG was 5,770 before my tube ruptured. The fact that my hCG this time is nearing 10,000 + we know the embryo(s) are in the right spot, has got to be a good sign!

Now just waiting patiently for my ultrasound on the 10th and hoping and praying the good news keeps rolling in!

Family and friends, keep the prayers coming! These next 2 weeks are super crucial in our babies development. This week or next, the heart should start beating. I can’t even imagine what a beautiful sight that will be to see. This fairy tale may finally feel real once I see that flicker of a heart (or two). Please pray that these little embies continue to grow and that little heart (or hearts) start to pump nice and strong.


6 thoughts on “Beta #4

  1. Yay, awesome!! I’m still dying for the U/S to find out how many are in there, LOL! I’m really happy its all going so well. Praying for that everything continues this way.

  2. Very good info on how those doubling rates change over time. I will have to come back here and check out that handy calculator when I’m pregnant. Glad to hear things are continuing to rise and praying you get those strong heartbeats loud and clear!

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