One Beautiful Heartbeat!

“For this child {we} have prayed, and the Lord has granted {our} request.” ~ 1 Samuel 1:27

One beautiful heartbeat at today’s ultrasound! I cried on the table and all the way to work. God is so good!

At 6wk1d the heartbeat was a bonus today. All Dr. A was looking for was a yolk sac, since last week she wasn’t able to identify one quite yet. And since I seemed to be a bit behind at each ultrasound, we really only expected and wanted to see the yolk sac. We were both thrilled when we saw the flicker of the heartbeat! It was still too small to hear, but she put her curser over it, was patient and very persistent, and after a few moments of holding the curser over the yolk sac, we saw the heart monitor rise and fall at the bottom of the screen. It was the most beautiful sight ever!

My OB still saw the second sac, but wasn’t sure it was even a sac any more. She definitely didn’t see any yolk sac inside it, nor the flicker of  a heartbeat, and it looked a little smaller than last week. She thinks it may be a pocket of fluid, or possibly another sac where the baby never developed. I still have lots of cysts (although they are shrinking) on my ovaries and some fluid in my abdomen, which she said was very common after an IVF cycle, so she really thinks it was/is a fluid pocket, rather than a second sac. I am totally okay with this. Actually, I am more than okay with this! One is just as much a blessing as two, and to be honest, even though I was starting to get used to the idea of having twins, I was sooooo scared of the many possible complications that come with multiples. So I am beyond thrilled with our singleton!

I can’t even believe this is all real. After waiting so long for our baby, after going through so much heartache and so much bad news, this still feels like an incredible dream…one that I never want to wake up from!

Since we saw the hearbeat today, I think we are going to cancel our ultrasound appt with Dr. K that is scheduled for Tuesday, 1/15. It will save us taking a half day off work, an hour and a half drive, and $270. I really don’t think it’s necessary since today’s ultrasound went so well. My OB scheduled my next ultrasound for Tuesday, 1/29. She wanted to wait a little longer in between this one and my next because she said that at the next ultrasound, she actually wants to be able to show us a baby, instead of a black hole-blobish thing. It will be soooo hard to wait this long to get another peak at our little babe. However, my hubs birthday is the following day…so what an awesome birthday present for him! He hasn’t made it to any of the ultrasounds yet (since they were all so early and there wasn’t much to see), so this will be the ultimate birthday present for him…to see our baby for the first time!

Family & friends, keep those prayers coming. We are still so early and there is such a long way to go before we bring our baby home. We need prayers that this baby will continue to grow big and strong and that it’s precious heart will continue to beat, getting stronger and stronger over the next few weeks. Just pray for this little bean’s health. The baby that we’ve waited for, prayed for, and struggled for. The miracle that we already love with all our heart!


8 thoughts on “One Beautiful Heartbeat!

  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! I check my email constantly these days, ONLY to look for updates from you! I’m so happy for you! I was so excited to see the title of a beautiful HB!!!!! Congrats! That has to be a big relief. You are right, it is far from over, BUT, you ARE PREGNANT and there is hearbeating bean inside your tummy!!! So, remember to allow yourself to enjoy it. What a great birthday present for your hubs as well. Congrats again!!!

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