Gender Reveal / Family Photo Shoot (aka…my favorite pictures EVER)!

I am totally behind on my 16 week post. I promise it will be up soon, but I just had to get this up first! We just got our proofs back from our gender reveal / family photoshoot that we did a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you, I am obsessed! I might be biased, but I am pretty sure I have the cutest son, daughter and hubby around. I can’t wait to add another little princess to the mix. What a blessing!!!

Our photogorapher was dear friend and photo expert, Jessica. She has her own photography business called Photography by JAG, and let me tell you…she is AMAZING!!! I seriously think this is by far my favorite photo session ever. Even right up there with my wedding photos (and those are pretty hard to beat)! Jessica made sure that the day was planned out perfectly. And since it was a true gender reveal shoot (meaning we didn’t find out the sex of our little bean until we were in front of the camera), she did so much behind the scenes to prepare. I can’t thank her enough for her awesome work and for being such an instrumental part in capturing these unforgettable memories. If you are in So Cal and are looking for a great photographer, look her up! You can check out her blog here and her Facebook page here.

Without further adieu…here are my favorites from the day…

PicMonkey Collage

Kissing on Bridge Framed

Family 3 Framed

Family 2 Framed

Family Framed

Family 4 Framed

Cuddling Framed

Ryan Framed

Bella Framed

Scott & Kara Framed

Family Glitter Framed


Kara Glitter Framed

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite!


7 thoughts on “Gender Reveal / Family Photo Shoot (aka…my favorite pictures EVER)!

  1. Ok so I LOOOOVE the kissy pic’s ( of course ) My fav is you and Mr B where your laughing …So cute it totally captures your true happiness . SO EXCITED !!!! Can’t wait to meet MISS baby B !!

  2. I won’t lie…you are one of the only bloggers I still follow that is actually pregnant. Usually it hurts too much to see all the celebratory pics when I’m still on the other side of infertility. However, I keep coming back to yours, because in the short time I’ve come to know you in the blogosphere, I’ve seen what an amazing person you are, and it’s just easier to be happy for someone that is as great as you are. You truly deserve these happy moments. I can see the joy in your face and the faces of your entire family, and I am genuinely so happy for you. Pics are absolutely stunning! You are simply gorgeous inside AND out. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Emily! And thanks for coming back. I know how hard it can be to celebrate and be happy for another when you are still struggling through the trenches of stupid infertility. However, your BFP is right around the corner, I just know it! I can’t wait to see some celebratory pics from you very soon. I am praying and hoping every day that this is your cycle. Then we can follow each other’s pregnancy journey. I have a great feeling about this!!!

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