Vasa Previa Update and Bed Rest

Update on baby girl and the Vasa Previa:

The good news – At 30 weeks, she weighs approximately 3 lbs 2 oz (in the 40th percentile) and is growing right on track. Everything looked great. Immediately following my ultrasound with the perinatologist, he sent me across the hall to perform a NST (non-stress test). This is an hour long test where they hook you up to a monitor that logs the baby’s heart rate. They also give you a hand held button where you push the button each time she kicks or you feel movement. What they are looking for is an increases heart rate with movement. They call these “accelerations”. Resting, baby b’s heart rate was 140. When she started getting active and moving around, her heart rate would increase to 160. The RN said this was awesome and they typically don’t see 20 point swings in acceleration until the baby is at least 32 weeks (at 30 weeks, they were looking for at least an acceleration of 10 bpm). The RN was calling her a “show off” and “over-achiever”. That’s my girl!

The bad news -The Vasa Previa, meaning the blood vessels covering my cervix haven’t moved . That means I am on bed rest starting today (anyone have any tips on staying sane during bed rest?), will have 3 NST ( non-stess test) appts per week for monitoring (fun since the hospital is 45 min away), a weekly appt with the perinatologist to check on growth, and a hospital bed rest at any time if anything looks off. I feel like I am walking on egg shells (when I do get up to walk a short distance) and like any move I make could jar something loose. I honestly feel like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Such a scary thought to have 24 hours a day. I asked in depth about hospital bed rest, mainly because everything I have read about this condition states that I should be on hospital bed rest starting at 28 or at the latest, 32 weeks. I asked him if that was the standard protocol, and if it was, how come he wasn’t recommending that. He said that eventually, that may be what happens, but for now, home bed rest was okay since the baby still looked and was growing great. He said that this condition is so rare, that there haven’t been any studies done that say whether hospital bed rest vs home bed rest makes a difference and that in the 3,000 patients he sees a year, he gets about one of these cases every other year. That’s 1 in 6,000 patients of his. Lucky me, huh?! So the plan right now is home bed rest for now, with a possible hospital bed rest in the near future, and 3-4 appt per week for monitoring. Then, if everything goes perfect at all the appts and she is looking and growing great, and not putting any pressure on those exposed blood vessels, she will make her debut via c-section at 35 weeks, moving her due date from 9/4 to somewhere around 8/1.

It was a tough appt with lots of scary news (we didn’t even get an ultrasound pic because the doc was so serious and business-y). Just hoping and praying these next 5 weeks bring lots of steady growth for baby and those blood vessels stay protected. And even though this isn’t how I pictured the remainder of this pregnancy going, I pray that everything will go text book from here on out and I will be holding her safely in arms in a little over a month. I just keep reminding myself and thanking God that they caught this early on and are being pro-active and super thorough with my care. God will keep us safe and protect us, I just know it. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers everyone!

Here is a pic from the NST (non-stress test) yesterday which she passed with flying colors. Sorry for the puffy eyes. Obviously, it had been a rough morning with lots of tears.

NST #1


2 thoughts on “Vasa Previa Update and Bed Rest

  1. Glad everything with baby girl looks great! Sorry about the bed rest, that is not fun, but remember the goal is to have a healthy baby!!! I would say watch TV shows! Whenever I was home in early pregnancy I watched a lot of TV shows on Netflix and loved it. Just try and enjoy this time before baby girl gets here. Prayers for you and your family!

  2. I want to start off by thanking you for all your comments on my blog. You are really the sweetest most caring person and thank you so much!!! With that being said, I’m so sorry that you are now on bed rest, but I love how proactive your OB is and how careful he is about everything. I know the waiting sucks and the bed rest does too and I have no doubt that if things do not get better or get worse he’ll move you to hospital bed rest if needed. Hang in there and you are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Not long not until you are holding your baby girl in your arms. *hugs*

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