Maternity & 5 Year Anniversary Photos

I never did maternity photos when I was pregnant with Bella, 12 years ago, so all along I knew that was something I didn’t want to miss out on this time around. When our photographer that shot our engagement and wedding photos 5 years ago contacted me and asked if we wanted to do an Anniversary shoot (we will be celebrating our 5 year wedding Anniversary in August) for an amazing price, I jumped at the opportunity! I guess he is trying to expand his portfolio to include “lifetime memory shots” not just shots of the wedding, but you know, all the special moments and milestones that happen after that. I told him that we were expecting and asked him if we could do some maternity photos mixed in with the 5 year Anniversary shoot. He agreed. I was so excited…the date couldn’t get here fast enough!

Let me just say that he did an amazing job! Just as he did with our wedding photos, I was in awe at how he captured our joy, love, playfulness, and excitement so perfectly. Let me just warn you…there are a TON of pictures! He sent me a CD with close to 400 shots. And those were all good ones too! He had already edited out all the photos where we were picking our nose, closing our eyes, or making funny faces. The 400 on the CD were all great shots. Out of those 400, I picked about 125 that are my favorites. And yep, I am attaching them all here. If you have time, look through them, if not…no worries. I know it’s totally overboard, but when it came to editing them down even more….I was lost.

To view them, go ahead and click on the first picture below. When you do that, it will bring up a slideshow that you will be able to click through. You can also leave comments directly on the pictures. So family and friends…I obviously can’t print out and display all 125 photos in my home, so I need your help! Feel free to comment on your favorites.


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